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Irregular Verb Conjugation of sprechen

Conjugation and tenses of the irregular German verb 'sprechen', its various uses in the German language with examples and English translations

10 Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day in Germany

How do Germans celebrate Valentine's Day and what are the differences to other countries in the world? Find out some interesting & fun facts and basic vocabulary here:

Main Dialects in Germany
Language Insights
26th, 2014

The Fascinating Thing about German Dialects

Are German dialects really difficult to understand and why are there so many of them? Find out the facts and how you can still survive as a language learner.

Pop Charts Summer 2014
30th, 2014

What is Currently Hot in German Pop Music

Find out what's currently hot in the German Pop Charts, which male and female singers are popular and interesting trends. Check out their newest videos here!

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