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2 Foolproof Ways to Learn the German Language Online

German Language OnlineDo you still believe you need scrap up off time to join German classroom sessions?

With the latest technical advances and internet you won’t have to anymore. Without leaving the comfort of your home you can now successfully learn the German language online.

Let me show you 2 proven ways how you can successfully learn German with new technology.

Online Tutoring Lessons:

Online German tutoring has really just developed over the past 5-7 years. While private German tutoring in a class setting and your home is unaffordable for a lot of people online tutoring is actually very reasonable and effective. Online classes usually only take ½ an hour to 45 minutes. You biggest advantage is that any distractions e.g., non verbal, gestures, other disruptions that you usually have with in person tutoring gets eliminated online. You can fully focus on your German tutor and thus develop your listening and pronunciation skills. An additional benefit is you don’t have any wasted prep time before, or after, your lesson (i.e. getting ready to go to the tutor, preparing for the tutor the come to you, etc).

When comparing different online German tutoring provider please make sure you do your due diligence:

  • Look at their references
  • Make sure they are native German speakers and have enough English language knowledge
  • Ask about the teaching experience of any online German tutor you intend to work with

From a technical perspective online German tutoring services usually work with Skype, VoIP, web conferencing providers or even regular phone lines. So please ask them what your options are and make sure you meet the technical requirements before you sign on. You can also get in touch with me to schedule online Skype lessons if you’d like to try it out.

Software to learn to speak German

There are some great German software courses available right now. I prefer software to learn to speak German that also includes speech recognition as well as visual aids. This is especially helpful when learning pronunciation and memorizing vocabulary. Some German software courses also have the option to download the audio file to MP3 which is very convenient for on-the-go. When comparing German software courses also check whether you have exercises and games included. This has shown extremely helpful to me when practicing grammar and vocabulary. Before purchasing any software to learn to speak German please make sure it is compatible with your PC or MAC as well as your OS. Take your German software course as a supplement to your tutoring lessons. Your tutor and I can even orientate your lesson plan on the lesson outline of your German software course.

Here is my rule of thumb for best learning results:

  • Take 15 to 20 minutes a day for learning and repeating German content Learn 2-3 new words each day (730 to 1095 new words in one year)
  • Take 1 or 2 tutoring lessons a week You won’t overload yourself when you learn like this, and also memorize each single item better since you learn them in little tit-bits.
  • Frequency will help you to keep your mind on German as much as possible.

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