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Euro bills and coins

Is the Euro Really the Only Currency in Germany?

Until Recently I Actually Thought That Germany Only Had One United Currency – the Euro. Now I’ve Learned That This Has Never Been The Case. …And there is..

German Genitive Dying

The German Genitive Case Is Dying!

The German Genitive Case is One of the 4 Cases that You Need to Deal with When Learning the Language. But is It Really Still Important in Conversational German? Some Recent Trends that May Surprise You….

Prepositions and Cases

The Puzzle of the German Prepositions and Cases

German Prepositions and Cases Can be Tricky Sometimes. They Have the Ppower to Change the Meaning of the Entire Sentence. Here are Some Examples That Help:

Keep German Fresh

Help! I Am Slowly Losing My German!

Keeping up Fluency in a 2nd Language is One Thing but Losing Your Mothertongue because You Live in Foreign Country is Another. How Can You Keep up Your Fluency?

English in German Language

The English Words in the German Language

Did You Know that Germans Have a Marked Preference for Adding English Words into the German Language? This Leads to Misunderstandings and Funny Language Mixups

learn German Successfully

5 Ways Not to Learn German Successfully-Avoid Pitfalls

Learning a New Language Takes Time and and Ongoing Effort. By Avoiding Those 5 Typical Pitfalls You Stay Motivated and Learn German Fast and Successfully

Learn Language Online

2 Foolproof Ways to Learn the German Language Online

Do You Still Believe You Need to Scrape off Time to Join Classroom Sessions? Then Check out These 2 Proven Methods to Learn German Fast and Effectively Online

Top 5 Language Tools

Top 5 Learning Tools to Successfully Learn German

Far More People Who Start Learning German End up Not Speaking It Compared to the Number of People Who Become Fluent. Use theseTop 5 Learning Tools for Success:

Conversational German and Reading

Conversational German – Does Reading Still Have a Place There?

Many Learn German Courses Market the Slogan “Learn Conversational German” Where SPEAKING is Considered the Non Plus Ultra. How Important is Reading Then?

Language Immersion Programs

4 Reasons Why German Immersion Courses Do Not Work

Find Out What Language Immersion Courses & Programs Are and Why Bilingual Education Works Much Better for Most Beginning Adult German Learners