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Learn German Initiative

Less People are Learning German – How Germany Is Turning This Trend Around

A Study Shows that Less People are Learning German Recently. Read How Germany is Turning This Trend Around and Why the German Language is Considered Important.

Fast Language Learning

“Learn German Fast!” …Or Is It Rather Hard to Learn?

The marketing message to learn German within 10 days seems very tempting. Can you learn this language actually that fast, or is it rather harder to become fluent?

Language Tutor Selection

German Tutor – Part II

This is the 2nd Part of “German Tutor – Just a Few Lessons Ahead of Me”. When Selecting a Language Tutor Make Sure to Check for These 2 Criteria before Hiring the Person

How to Select a German Language Tutor

…German Tutor – Just a Few Lessons Ahead of Me…

Online Lessons with a Language Tutor are a Great Option When Learning German. What Do You Have to Watch out for to Select the Right Tutor for Your Needs.

What Happened to LGC

What Happened to Us? The Justhost Webhosting Story

If You Wondered the Past Days: “What happened to the Learn German Coach blog? …Gone…”Site Suspended” In fact, we experienced an ugly case of bad web hosting …

How German is America

How German is America? Surprising Facts

The US has More German Heritage and German-Americans than You May Think. Read These Surprising Facts about Germans in America, Culture and German Language…

Religion in Germanz

How Religious are Germans Really?

Find out Some Suprising Facts & Figures about the Importance of Religion in Germany, Religious Holidays and Types of Religious Beliefs that Exist in this Country Today…

German Stereotype

German Image in the World – Do Germans View Themselves as That?

What comes to your mind when you think of Germans? How do Germans perceive themselves vs. their perceived image in the world? Get the surprising facts here!

Why Learn German

Now why still learn German?

Discover the Reasons for Learning this Interesting yet Challenging Language. Learning German May Benefit You in Business & Personal Life. Find out the Reasons for That: