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Use of Doch

The Word DOCH – A Translation Challenge

There isn’t really any straight translation for the German word “DOCH”. Therefore this post is aimed to help learners of the German language to better understand it’s meaning and use.

German Easter Traditions

The Easter Celebration in Germany

Easter is one of the major and most popular religious holidays in the German speaking countries. Find out about typical traditions and how it is celebrated in Germany

der die das German Grammar

The Struggle with the Articles der, die, das

When You Learn German, Then with High Probability You are Struggling with the German Articles der, die, das. Here are a Few Important Rules for Their Correct Use:

Best Learn German Program

The best Learn German Program – which one is it?

Are You Looking for the Best Learn German Program Online? Between Fake Reviews and the Marketing of the Language Learning Companies You Can Get Confused.

Germany Unification

20 Years of German Reunification – What Has Changed?

As Former East-German Gal, I Watched the 20 Anniversary of the German Re-unification with Great Attention. But What Has Really Changed over These Past 20 Years?