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6 Question Words

The 6 Basic Question Words in German

Find out what the basic German question words are, get the translations and examples on how to use them correctly

Pop Charts Summer 2014

What is Currently Hot in German Pop Music

Find out what’s currently hot in the German Pop Charts, which male and female singers are popular and interesting trends. Check out their newest videos here!

German History and Art

Useful Tidbits about German Art – from Altars to Bauhaus

A small selection of interesting art trends across multiple centuries that had an ever-lasting impact on Germany and other countries in the world. Read the facts & watch the videos.

Most Popular German Television Shows

Most Popular German TV Shows 2013/2014

Find out what the most popular German television shows have been between 2013/2014. They are Made-in-Germany and therefore great for language learning!

Pentecost Celebration in Germany

What Are Local Traditions at Pentecost Holiday?

Get to know the typical customs and traditions at the Pentecost holiday in Germany. Explore some interesting facts on ancient beliefs and typical rituals by locals

Popular German Music

What You Should Know about the German Music Scene

The music scene is more diverse than people think. Besides classical and typical folk music, there many different music genres. Read more on what’s unique about German music and its trends

German Christmas Celebrations

All You Need to Know about the German Christmas Holidays

One of the major national German holidays is Christmas. Find out how it is celebrated and what customs and traditions are different to other countries in the world

National Holiday of the German Reunification

What’s So Special about the German Unity Day

Read about the historical aspects of the German Unity Day, what makes it special, how it is celebrated. Find out additional interesting facts about this national holiday

German Animal Curse Words

Germans Love Animal Names as Curse Words

Find out how and where Germans love to swear and which animal course words are the favorites. This even has a positive health aspect to it. So please, don’t feel insulted!

Main Dialects in Germany

The Fascinating Thing about German Dialects

Are German dialects really difficult to understand and why are there so many of them? Find out the facts and how you can still survive as a language learner.