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facts about german tv

10 Entertaining Facts about German TV

Find out surprising and entertaining facts about German television, best programs and shows, what Germans like to watch and remarkable differences to other countries

National German Holidays

Main National Holidays in Germany

Germany has many exciting national holidays. Some are celebrated with most of the world, other are only celebrated there. Find out which days and how they are celebrated!

Funny German Marketing

Choose Your Words Wisely in Marketing

Some humorous German marketing blunders – Even native speakers get in trouble sometimes not using language correctly. Have a laugh!

German Transparent Online Review

Transparent Language Online Review

Comprehensives, unbiased review of Transparent Language Online with PROs and CONs, mobile app and who the course works well for. Try this language software FREE for 7 days!

Transparent Connect Online Lessons Review

Transparent Connect Live Instruction & Tutoring Review

Transparent Language Connect offers private and group live instruction online by native German tutors. Read our review to find out the PROs and CONs and try out an Open House!

Transparent Byki Deluxe 4 Review

Transparent Byki Deluxe 4 Vocabulary Builder Review

Comprehensive review of Transparent Byki Deluxe 4 with PROs and CONs, mobile app and who it works well for. Test this vocabulary builder for FREE here yourself!

GermanPod101 Review

GermanPod101 Language Course Review

Read a detailed review of the Germanpod101 online self-study program, find out the PROs and CONs of online feature, mobile apps and who it work well for. Try it out in a FREE trial!

German Quality

The Story Behind ‘Made in Germany’

Astomishing Facts on How the Germany Quality Seal ‘Made in Germany’ Originated – A Rocky Ride to Say the Least. Interesting Trends to Maintain This Branding

Rocket Languages Reviewed

Rocket German Language Course Review

Rocket German online course review gives you detailed info on this award winning language course. Find out how you can start learning German for FREE today!

2 Hours a Day for Fluency

Does Your Schedule Support Effective Language Learning?

The Top 3 Criteria for Successful German Online Courses and How Your Busy Schedule Can Support Effective Language Learning, Using the Right Tools & Methods