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4 Typical German Spring Expressions

Spring is considered the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. For this reason, the German language has a few expressions that are very typical for spring. So, let’s jump into it:

The first thing you need to know is that the word ‘Spring’ has three expressions in German:

a) der Frühling (Plural: die Frühlinge)

b) das Frühjahr (Plural: die Frühjahre)

c) der Lenz (Plural: die Lenze) – This one you only come across in poetic literature.

Now that we have this cleared up, let’s look at the expressions related to spring:

1. die Frühlingsgefühle = spring fever

Spring Fever

Literal translation: spring feelings

This one is used to describe the positive feelings connected with this season, such as feeling upbeat, being in a good mood and ready to flirt. Scientists have actually researched it and concluded that these feelings are caused by the extended daylight as well as the fresh green and bright flowers outside.

Frühlingsgefühle haben = to have spring fever, to feel frisky

2. der Frühjahrsputz = spring cleaning

German Expression for Spring Cleaning

This means that Germans clean out their homes, gardens and yards from winter equipment, leaves and items that they don’t need any longer. This is typically done when decorating for the Easter holidays.

einen Frühjahrsputz machen = to do a spring cleaning

3. die Frühjahrsmüdigkeit = springtime lethargy

German Expression for Spring Lethargy

Literal translation: spring tiredness

Please note that there is no plural. This expression is unique to the German language, and isn’t used in English. In other words, only Germans suffer from ‘Frühjahrsmüdigkeit’. 🙂 If you suffer from it, you muist be German…

4. Frühjahrswiesn = spring festivals

German Expression for Spring Festivals

Literal translation:  spring meadows

This term originated in Southern Germany and describes spring festivals that mimic a tiny version of the Oktoberfest. So, when you are in Germany during spring time, visit one of those. Expect the typical atmosphere with beer tents, hearty German cuisine and the typical Octoberfest music.



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