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Language Insights

Main Dialects in Germany

The Fascinating Thing about German Dialects

Are German dialects really difficult to understand and why are there so many of them? Find out the facts and how you can still survive as a language learner.

Funny German Marketing

Choose Your Words Wisely in Marketing

Some humorous German marketing blunders – Even native speakers get in trouble sometimes not using language correctly. Have a laugh!

German Genitive Dying

The German Genitive Case Is Dying!

The German Genitive Case is One of the 4 Cases that You Need to Deal with When Learning the Language. But is It Really Still Important in Conversational German? Some Recent Trends that May Surprise You….

Keep German Fresh

Help! I Am Slowly Losing My German!

Keeping up Fluency in a 2nd Language is One Thing but Losing Your Mothertongue because You Live in Foreign Country is Another. How Can You Keep up Your Fluency?

English in German Language

The English Words in the German Language

Did You Know that Germans Have a Marked Preference for Adding English Words into the German Language? This Leads to Misunderstandings and Funny Language Mixups

Conversational German and Reading

Conversational German – Does Reading Still Have a Place There?

Many Learn German Courses Market the Slogan “Learn Conversational German” Where SPEAKING is Considered the Non Plus Ultra. How Important is Reading Then?