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Learn German

Common German Spring Words

4 Typical German Spring Expressions

Get to know 4 fun and even unique German spring expressions, find out how they originated.


Fun German Expression for the Phrase to Get into Trouble

Find out where this fun German expression actually came from, what it means & how to use this fun phrase properly

German Expression for Phrase: To put someone away

German Expression for English Phrase To Put Someone Away

Fun German expression for the English phrase: To kill someone, put someone away, literal meaning, examples & where the German phrase came from

German Expression for English Phrase To Pull Somebodys Leg

Learn its translation, where this fun German expression came from, get examples on how to use it and what this phrase actually means.

Epression To kill two birds with one stone in German

German Expression for To Kill Two Birds with One Stone

What the English expression ‘To kill two birds with one stone’ means in German, examples on how to use it and where this idiom came from originally

German Expression for 'to have a drop too much'

The Expression to Take a Cup Too Much in German

What the English phrase: ‘to take a cup too much’, ‘to have had a drop too much’ = in German. Get examples and where it came from

English Expression ‘to Be in Cold Sweat’ Translated into German

Find out what the expression: ‘to be in cold sweat’ means, what the corresponding German idiom is and where it came from.

Translation and meaning of 'throw the towel'

English Expression to Throw in the Towel in German

How to say ‘to throw in the towel’ in German and its meaning, examples for its use and where this idiom actually came from

German Expression for Phrase: to do something effortless

A funny German phrase for saying: to do something without much effort, effortless or ‘I can do it on my head’. Also find out where it actually came from.

Fun German Expression for: to Get into a Fight with Someone

Fun German idiom for the expresssion: get into a fight or argument with somebody, or to quarrel with somebody. Examples & where this phrase came from.