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Pop Charts Summer 2014

What is Currently Hot in German Pop Music

Find out what’s currently hot in the German Pop Charts, which male and female singers are popular and interesting trends. Check out their newest videos here!

Most Popular German Television Shows

Most Popular German TV Shows 2013/2014

Find out what the most popular German television shows have been between 2013/2014. They are Made-in-Germany and therefore great for language learning!

Popular German Music

What You Should Know about the German Music Scene

The music scene is more diverse than people think. Besides classical and typical folk music, there many different music genres. Read more on what’s unique about German music and its trends

facts about german tv

10 Entertaining Facts about German TV

Find out surprising and entertaining facts about German television, best programs and shows, what Germans like to watch and remarkable differences to other countries

German Quality

The Story Behind ‘Made in Germany’

Astomishing Facts on How the Germany Quality Seal ‘Made in Germany’ Originated – A Rocky Ride to Say the Least. Interesting Trends to Maintain This Branding

German Stereotype

German Image in the World – Do Germans View Themselves as That?

What comes to your mind when you think of Germans? How do Germans perceive themselves vs. their perceived image in the world? Get the surprising facts here!