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Choose Your Words Wisely in Marketing

Even Germans have trouble sometimes to speak and write correctly. While in many cases correct wording may not be that critical, in marketing, it is a crucial success factor! Check out below examples, and you’ll know what I mean: The ones suffering the most are the poor children. 🙂Funny German Word Choice Here is the translation:

Final Winter Sale

Children reduced up to 50%  

Funny! However, I don’t think this children’s store is in the business of selling kids, but rather toys, shoes or clothing for them. Yeah, this happens if one doesn’t think about what they actually like to express… German Word Mixup Here is the translation:

Children Special

2 Adults eat

1 Child for Free  

Seriously? We all know that Germans love their meats and sausages but children? I assume they actually intended to say: Children’s Special 1 Child eats for FREE When Accompanied By 2 Adults   I guess one should think before writing! Here’s the third one: Incorrect Wording in German Here is the translation:

Chicken Kebab €2.50

Children Kebab €1.10.  

Something went totally wrong here. I guess they meant “Kids’ Size Kebab” but we still don’t know what’s it made of?

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