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Does Your Schedule Support Effective Language Learning?

Learning any language effectively requires a big commitment of time and effort. The more time you spend in your new language, the faster you make progress.

Let me give you a good example. I actually had a conversation with my 10 year old son who is fully trilingual in English, French and German. Here is what I told him:

Your day only has 24 hours. 8 of those 24 hours you sleep. This leaves 16 hours of active language use (in a perfect world :-)). If you do not live in Germany currently, you spend most of your wakening hours in your native language (in this case English).

How To Learn The German  Language Effectively

Now, most of us either work, or in the case of my son are at school. This means that during those 8 hours you cannot learn German. Then you spend some time with family, friends, running errands etc. This accounts for probably another 4 – 6 hours.

So, the result is that you have at most 2- 4 hours to learn German every day – in a perfect world of course!

Can you become perfect in German, when your native language dominates 83% to 92% of your day?

Probably not, but you can strive to get close to it by daily activities! My son understood that perfection could not be the goal. But he also understands that he’d need to take every opportunity to learn and expand his German every day.

So, in order to make progress, you need to take every possible opportunity to expand your German.

A quality, comprehensive language course will help you learn effectively. Here is how:

1) It teaches you the three cornerstones: correct pronunciation, listening comprehension, grammar and measures your progress

2) It keeps you motivated by offering an environment of like-minded people, e.g. other students, tutors and language enthusiasts

3) It is accessible in various ways, such as computer, phone and tablet so you can learn in spite of your busy schedule

…along with a lot of additional nifty things.

There are multiple, comprehensive language courses that offer those benefits.

We’ve just reviewed Rocket German as one of those courses. Read our Full Review Here.

I have to admit that Rocket German has made some major changes to their back office to enhance user friendliness, motivation and added value. Compared to many other language courses, their app for iPhone and Android is FREE. If you haven’t found a quality language course yet, this one is definitely worth taking a closer look at.

Rocket Languages offers a 6 Day FREE Trial, which will help you find out whether it works for your needs. But remember, effective language learning starts with you!

More options for comprehensive & effective languages courses:

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