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German Expression for English Phrase To Put Someone Away

The colloquial German expression: ‘jemanden um die Ecke bringen’ means in English: To kill someone, to put someone away, to do somebody in. It also means to have someone killed or murdered. ‘Jemanden um die Ecke bringen’ means literally: To bring someone around the corner.




The Mafia boss ordered his henchmen to put the guy away. = Der Mafiaboss befahl seinen Handlangern, den Kerl um die Ecke zu bringen.

“I will put you away!” screamed the angry, jealous lover. = “Ich bringe dich um die Ecke!” schrie der verärgerte, eifersüchtige Liebhaber.

Where this expression came from:

The brothers Grimm dictionary states that the word ‘Ecke’ = ‘corner’ was originally used in the meaning of edge / blade of a weapon. The literal meaning ‘to bring someone around the corner’ also originated in another old common practice of street robbers and thieves in medieval cities. They ambushed their victim and then brought him/her to a quiet, hidden spot to rape and rob their victim. ‘To bring someone around the corner’ is here used as taking someone out of sight around the street corner.

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