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German Language Learning

Why Learning the German Language?

Here are some interesting facts on why learning German is a rewarding experience:

  • Learning the German language gives you access to the people and culture of several countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Eastern Belgium, Luxemburg and Liechtenstein and parts of the world where many Germans immigrated to.
  • German is spoken by 101 million native speakers worldwide. With the inclusion of the second-language speakers, the total number of German-speaking people is about 229 million.
  • The number of German speaking internet users has increased from 43 million in 2000 to 75 million in 2011
  • The German speaking countries have a rich culture and history dating back all the way to the 10th century. Therefore, they are popular tourist countries.
  • Germany itself is regarded an economic power house as it is the 3rd largest exporter worldwide behind China and the USA, even though it is a tiny country compared to those two (with not even the size of Texas with  an area of 357,021 square kilometers (137,847 sq miles))
  • Since the German language is historically related to Latin, it is relatively easy to learn for English, French and Spanish native speakers for example. 

What Are the Best Ways to Learn German?

We have written multiple blog posts on this topic that will help you. For more info please read:

Language Course Reviews

We are currently working on detailed program reviews for all major, comprehensive learn German courses. Due to the fact that technology has changed dramatically over the past years, many providers are in the process of moving to fully online based courses, apps and a very device driven learning model.

As one of the major online course providers, Rocket German has been reviewed by our team recently. For more details, please go the Full Review.

Rocket Languages had a major overhaul of their user interface in 2013 with lots of new exciting features that help German language learners to:

  • Track learning progress
  • Stay motivated through achievement badges, forums etc.
  • Support a mobile lifestyle using apps, computer and/or mobile devices

For more details on Rocket Languages improvements of their learning experience, go here now.

Over the upcoming months, we’ll also offer you detailed reviews of the following learn German courses:

Transparent Language Fluenz German Tell Me More German

Learning German as a second language and keeping it up as a native living abroad is a challenge. Therefore it is important for you to build your personal support system.

Learn German Coach offers you FREE resources to connect with like-minded people online and off-line.