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Irregular Verb Conjugation of nehmen

The irregular verb ‘to take’ = ‘nehmen’ is very frequently used. Besides it main meaning this verb also has several other meanings. Here are the most important ones:

A) to pick sb./sth. –> in the sense to select from multiple options:

I pick the green dress. = Ich nehme das grüne Kleid.

B) to use something:

Martin always uses soap to wash his hands. = Martin nimmt immer Seife zum Hände waschen.

C) In addition, this verb is used in many expressions and phrases. Here are a few examples:

to be miffed about sth. / to take offense at sth. = etwas übel nehmen

to be cool with sth. = etwas locker nehmen

to back away = Abstand nehmen

If you’d like to know more about additional phrases and uses, go here.

You also come across ‘nehmen’ in combination with a variety of separable and inseparable prefixes

annehmen, aufnehmen, einnehmen, abnehmen, zunehmen

benehmen, vernehmen, übernehmen, entnehmen

Present Tense Conjugation

German irregular verb nehmen present tense conjugation

Since the verb ‘nehmen’ is an irregular verb, it changes its word stem in the past tense and present perfect.

Conjugation in Past & Present Perfect

Past and Perfect Tense of German verb nehmen

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