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Irregular Verb Conjugation of raten

The German irregular verb ‘raten’ has 2 different meanings in English.

A) to give someone a piece of advise E.g.: Tom advises him to talk to his wife first. = Tom rät ihm, erst mit seiner Frau zu reden.
B) to guess something E.g.: Just guess the answer! = Rate(t) einfach die Antwort!

German also uses ‘raten’ as to puzzle, which is: rätseln, Rätsel raten (literally translated as: to puzzle puzzles).

Present Tense Conjugation:

Irregular verb conjugation for raten


Since the verb ‘raten is an irregular verb, it changes its word stem in the past tense and present perfect.

Conjugation in Past & Present Perfect

Tenses for irregular verb raten


Examples for Past Tense:

I advised him to stay out of it. = Ich riet ihm, sich da rauszuhalten.

She guessed the right answer. = Sie riet die richtige Anwort.

Examples for Present Perfect:

I have guessed correctly! = Ich habe richtig geraten!

Jim has advised him to take one day off. = Jim hat ihm geraten, einen Tag freizunehmen.

What did you advise Hanna to do? = Was habt ihr Hanna geraten zu tun?

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