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The verb ‘to be’ = ‘sein’ is very frequently used.

A) It’s used as a main verb.


He is a doctor. = Er ist Arzt.

These are Michael and Thomas. = Das sind Michael und Thomas.

We are at home. = Wir sind zuhause.

The weather is cloudy today. = Das Wetter ist heute wolkig.

B) It’s also used as auxiliary verb.


Kathrine has flown to Berlin. = Kathrine ist nach Berlin geflogen.

You have run fast. = Ihr seid schnell gerannt.

They are enchanted. = Sie sind verzaubert.

Present Tense Conjugation

Irregular Verb Conjugation of sein

Since the verb ‘raten is an irregular verb, it changes its word stem in the past tense and present perfect.

Conjugation in Past & Present Perfect

Irregular Verb Tenses sein




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