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Less People are Learning German – How Germany Is Turning This Trend Around

5 years ago still 17 million people from all over the world were learning German in classrooms, online and in other ways. Today there are only 17.24% less interested German learners left.

So far the reasons for that decline are still being discussed but Germany is already doing something about it. In 2010 Germans Minister for Foreign Affairs, Guido Westerwelle started a campaign called: “Deutsch – Sprache der Ideen” (German – Language of Ideas) to intervene this trend.

Westerwelle sayd that German is the most spoken language in Europe. “Therefore it would be wrong if we lost our beautiful German language.” Read the entire article here:

What is behind this initiative?

Germany clearly wants to attract more top executives and highly qualified people to stimulate and ensure economic growth. The country lacks well qualified professionals in some areas such as engineering, science, teaching professions and even lawyers. A study of the Prognos AG found out that in 2015 there will be 3 million qualified workers missing in Germany. A number hard to believe in times of high employment…

What could that mean for you?

Learning German could clearly be an asset in your professional career. As the German speaking countries are still being considered an economic power house it makes a lot of sense to know German when entering this market. Besides…learning German is enriching and fun!

Some programs that can get you started online:

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