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Rocket German Language Course Review

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  • Rocket German
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  • Last modified: February 1, 2018
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Review Summary:

This comprehensive, very practical German online language course covers all main aspects of learning the German language - key vocabulary, grammar, conversations and cultural dos and don'ts. Online course that includes lessons MP3s as well as Android and iOS apps. Well suited for beginning, intermediate as well as advanced learners (kids & adults from 9 to 90 years old).

Who is this language learning course for?

This course works well, if you want to learn the language for travel & personal use, as it doesn’t contain business expressions.

Rocket Languages makes it easy to get started learning German through its practical, flexible approach. If you know some German, the program is flexible enough to let you start at your own level. You learn key-vocabulary and modern conversation in manageable pieces to not get overwhelmed.

If you are ready to get started learning German try out Rocket Languages as a 6-day FREE trial. You’ll receive instant access to your back-office within minutes.

Try out Rocket German Here

What does Rocket German offer you?

  • Flexible, interactive, upbeat language course that teaches you contemporary, practical language
  • You learn from native hosts
  • Receive positive feedback and get fun conversations to provide a relaxing, positive environment
  • 32 audio lessons ~ 25 minutes each, language broken down into easy-to-digest chunks
  • 30+ language & culture lessons including additional vocabulary, grammar and culture insights of dos and don’ts
  • Step by step explanations for everything said and done
  • Rocket Record helps with what to say and how to say it correctly (Rocket Record: Online voice recording software that provides accurate feedback for correct pronunciation)
  • Play fun games to keep your learned language going and use it
  • FREE online forum of fellow learners, tutors and German language enthusiasts to ask questions and to network
  • FREE access & upgrades for life
  • Includes App for Mac and Android
  • Technical support for members
  • Instant online access or optional and as 20 CD pack
  • 60-day money back guarantee

6 Day FREE Trial

Valuable Details on this Language Learning Course

This course supports very flexible learning, which means that you can learn online, through Android or Mac app or even CDs. You have the ability to choose your own path through the individual lessons based on learning goals and/or your already existing knowledge level in German. Your personal back-office helps you keep track of your progress, where you’d left off and accomplishments.

Every lesson has a variety of tests to re-enforce learning and to train your ear. This includes exercises for hearing, writing, responding to the teacher to learn what to say. Lessons include visual, aural, reading & writing and kinesthetic learning tools., which makes Rocket Languages extremely effective.

Besides covering all the language basics, it also deals with hard to translate expressions such as “Naja” (Well..) and “doch” (however, nevertheless, still…). The course also helps you recognize outdated expressions, e.g. “Fräulein” (Miss) and where it is still appropriate to use. The newly developed phrase finder assists you in finding out the meaning of 100s of German phrases.

A large aspect to learning any language is to keep your motivation going. Most people get discouraged before they even reach their first milestone. Rocket Languages has integrated a multitude of little gadgets to keep you going:

  • Rocket German provides a unique badge system with the goal to assess your progress. It lets you accumulate points and awards you badges as your ability improve.
  • The “My Level rating systems” helps you rate how well you can write, speak, and understand your new favorite language all in one easy place.
  • Rocket News is a new notification system that fills you in on all the latest news and reminds you of upcoming learning milestones.
  • The online members’ forum helps you connect with other learners, teachers and language enthusiasts. As you making connections you keep learning!

Overall I’ve found this a very likeable, no-nonsence language course, that teaches the core German really well. This course has just enough progress monitoring and testing to keep you motivated and but away from becoming annoyed. It’s comparable to GermanPod101 from a method and fun factor. I personally like it more than Transparent because it is not quite as structured and rigid.

Currently Rocket German offers a special discount of over 30%. This saves you almost $50.00. You can get Instant Access to  Rocket German at only $99.95 and start learning German today.


A comprehensive, very practical German online language course at a very reasonable pricing. Since it is based on a scientifically proven method, it allows you as a beginning or intermediate learner to get a good grasp of the German language and to become confident speaking it. The lesson tests, progress badges and the Rocket forum keep you motivated and on track with your goals. The upbeat, fun way of presenting the learning content as well as the steady pace of increasing the difficulty level keep you focused and prevent boredom. Overall a very well-rounded language course that is worth every dime and one of the best German online courses on the market today.


As with any self-instruction, online course it is up to you to take action and keep going. As this program focuses on core grammar, vocabulary and expressions, it may not be enough for some learners, who would like to drill deep.

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