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Top 5 Learning Tools to Successfully Learn German

german_flag_manFar more people who started learning German at some point in their lives ended up not speaking it compared to the number of people who have successfully learned it. I don’t want to discourage you. Rather you should evaluate how you intend to learn German. Besides having an idea about how you learn best i.e. what learning type you are, please evaluate the different learning tools to learn German. This will determine your success.


5. German DVD course

Well-made DVD courses have good entertaining value and offer content with enough vocabulary to start out with. For beginners they do not give enough detail to learn grammar or language structure. If you find a good Learn German DVD use it as supportive method together with other learning methods.

4. German language classes

Ask yourself whether you really have the time to do that on a weekly basis. If you have that time available ask about their class size. If their class has above 5 students please stay away from it because you won’t get enough individual time during class. Get an idea about their teaching method and make sure it is not immersion for beginner students. For fast progress you want to learn from bilingual native German teachers.

3. German CD or MP3 language course

There is a wide range of well-made CD and MP3 German courses available. They will help you to learn German vocabulary and pronunciation. You get a good idea about German grammar and language structure. CD and MP3 courses make a great learning tool for on-the- go, whether in your car, traveling or at home while doing other things. They only lack one important thing though: They are not interactive. To become fluent in German interactivity is one of the most important factors for success.

2. Online interactive German course

Thanks to the internet this has become a growing area. Some of these online interactive German courses have outstanding quality

and produce fast results. They offer clear lesson plans with exercises and tests to measure your progress. Speech recognition tools help you with correct pronunciation. Grammar and language structure are covered in an easy to understand form. Even exciting learning games are offered to practice vocabulary and grammar. You need to be a highly self-motivated and self-disciplined person though to use an online interactive German course as your primary learning tool. If you are not sure about this opt for a different primary method for learning German.

1. German one-on-one tutoring

Not only for learning German or other foreign languages this has been a proven method to produce fast, sustainable results. WhetherGerman Learning Tools you look at sports, business or entertainment having a trainer, mentor, and teacher or in this case a tutor on your side is a great way to success. Having a German tutor covers the most important areas for your success:

  • Becoming fluent in German fast by interactive learning
  • Staying motivated through constant feedback, personalized lesson plans and progress checks
  • Getting a good understanding of language structure, grammar, subtleties and exceptions through a first-hand expert

You have two options for one-on-one German tutoring: You can either take lessons in person or online via phone or Skype depending on your personal preference and the time you have available to learn German.

Successfully learning German is determined by your motivation, discipline and the learning tools you chose. Proven by countless examples in history highly successful individuals e.g. Tina Turner mentor to Mick Jagger, Richard Burton mentor to Sir Anthony Hopkins, Phil Jackson (NBA coach) mentor to Michael Jordan and Andrew Carnegie mentor to Charles Schwab have shown it is very important to have a great tutor, mentor or trainer to become successful. A qualified German tutor will lead you to success.

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  • Katie Lawrence May 10, 2010, 5:44 AM

    Your effort on this blog is really noticeable, but I like your simple writing style. It is easy to read and your ideas are clear.

  • Mercedes Benz March 8, 2011, 1:01 AM

    Agree with Katie
    And its 100% right about (Successfully learning German is determined by your motivation, discipline and the learning tools you chose).!

    I am into Learning German, Love the Language, Accent and Country,

    Got the Rosette Stone 5CD’s which is a very nice strong tool, but for Example, when i need to ask something about a doubt i have !!!

    But now Thanks GOD, I got an awesome German Girlfriend, that is so helpfull, Althought we speak in English, but she answers most of my Concerns in German Language.

    The only thing is TIME, i really need to get serious about finding a spare time to study.

    Thanks All
    Mercedes Benz

  • Vocabulary School June 17, 2014, 9:50 PM

    Hello guys, I would like to share with you my web application for learning German vocabulary.

    It’s focused on practicing vocabulary via solving varied tests and exercises. You can listen to native speakers’ pronunciation and practice your spelling skills.

    I’m keep working on it and keep improving it.

    Here’s the address: https://www.vocabularyschool.com/content.php?language=german