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Transparent Byki Deluxe 4 Vocabulary Builder Review

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Review Summary:

Learn and refresh vocabulary in a breeze using this fun flashcard program with native audio and progress control. Comprehensive, customizable vocabulary builder for all learning levels – beginner to advanced. Downloadable software for PC and Mac plus mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Uses a proven 3 step system that works well for ages 11+ in business as well as travel situations.

What does Byki Deluxe 4 have to offer?

  • Focuses on comprehension, speaking and writing
  • Comes loaded with about 2000 words and phrases of typical life situations e.g. colors, numbers, taking a taxi, at the airport and more
  • Fully customizable software that allows you to add images and descriptions to any card, to create brand-new cards, and to create your own custom lists about specific topics or language areas, e.g. verbs or adjectives
  • Slow down the audio and listen to every little nuance of native pronunciation
  • Switching to written mode, where the system offer an internal keyboard to help with special characters
  • Personalize your experience by changing font size, sound settings, display options and more
  • Skip cards option
  • Import/export and share lists

Valuable Details on this vocabulary builder:

While Byki Deluxe is a based on the flashcard system,but it offers much more than just flashcards. You receive a learning tool to both memorizing AND refreshing German words and phrases. The downloadable software is customizable on your knowledge level, interests and pace. Even if you’re an intermediate or advanced level learner, you still benefit by using Byki Deluxe 4. You can either download additional lists from Byki online community and/or create your own.

How the memorization works:

Transparent uses an effective 3 step process to structure your learning:

1. Preview a word or phrase: Includes an image, the actual written version of the German term, its translation and audio of pronunciation

2. Recognize the term: Option to focus on either written or spoken mode

3. Produce It: Upon prompt, you speak or write the word/ phrase in German to check how well you’ve memorized it. To check how you’re doing in your progress of learning new terms, the software displays a progress ‘tachometer’. Once you’ve made 100% you can move to the next item or skip to the one you’d like to memorize next. One thing, I’ve come to like: It shows items that you had memorized a while back and lets you repeat them so you won’t forget them over time. You can choose among a variety of different learning activities to test your knowledge and repeat memorized items:

  • Multiple Choice – Choose the correct response for the flash card presented.
  • Fill in the Blank – Fill in the word missing from the phrase.
  • Word Whirl – Increase your language exposure with a hands-free activity.
  • Pronunciation Practice – Compare your pronunciation to a native speaker.
  • Concentration – Match the appropriate word or phrase to its meaning.

To understand the features better that we’re about to discuss it may be helpful to download the FREE version.

This is what the application looks like on a desktop once you open it:

Byki Deluxe 4 German Vocabulary Builder

4 tabs on top: Learn, My Learned Items, Look and FAQ Learn:

Vocab lists to learn, categorized by topics and structured into the 3 steps above. Click on one and repeat words and phrases until you reach 100% in progress ‘tachometer’ on the right for List and Step completion. See also above.

My Learned Items: Shows number of total learned items, newly learned and stale items as a number or as a pie chart. This is also where you can start refreshing older lists to keep them fresh in your memory. A second tab within the window gives overall progress by week, month, quarter or year.

Look: Shows you the entire vocabulary in list format for quick overview.

FAQ: Links to support, Byki program info, tips on using Byki (e.g. how to enter special characters such as the German Umlaute) etc.

Overall this vocabulary builder is an enjoyable product because it’s customizable, accessible from mobile and also offers plenty of exercises for speaking and writing. While reviewing Byki Deluxe 4, I even found a way to get around the large number of repetions for words that I had already well-memorized. Under the “Learn” tab, I was able to adjust the scores for those words and phrases. This gave me the option to finally move up to the next task. I also found out that Byki Deluxe 4 offers knowledgeable and fast customer support by phone or email. Please note that other products, such as Transparent Online and Transparent Complete Edition, have the Byki Deluxe 4 already included since the are all-inclusive products. Besides either a Free trial offer, every one of the Transparent Language products comes with a 30-day-money-back guaranty. So, no risk at all to give it a try! Try Byki for FREE


Fully customizable learning materials that can be tailored towards your learning level, interests and written vs. spoken focus, and that can be shared within their online community at Byki List Central. To achieve proper native pronunciation, the system offers a slow-down feature that allows hearing every nuance of any word and phrase.


Typing words can become frustrating at times since the system takes capitalization and punctuation into account, and therefore may mark correct answers as incorrect. The other thing is that the self-reporting progress feature sometimes demands too many repetitions at the ‘Recognize It’ and ‘Produce It’ stage until the system recognizes a list as leaned.

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