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What is Currently Hot in German Pop Music

Pop music is the most popular music genre in Germany. It also offers a wide range of styles, from the typical love songs, party songs, local country songs (Heimatlieder) to even songs that move more into Rock/Techno.

The roots of German pop music go all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century, when people of all social classes started singing popular folk songs, e.g. Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann, Muss I den…, Guten Abend, gute Nacht.

So, let’s see what’s hot right now:

Looking at the current German Pop charts, it’s clear that women are dominating this space:

The Female Pop Stars

Helene Fischer - Atemlos durch die Nacht

Andrea Berg-Du hast mich 1000 Mal belogen

Michelle - Herzstillstand

Are holding the Top 3 spots.

So, what are doing the male German Pop singers these days? Now in order to be fair to the ladies, here is also some male ‘ear’ candy for you:

The Male Pop Stars

Nik P. - Geboren um Dich zu lieben

Fantasy - Eine Nacht im Paradies

Alexander Klaws - Morgen explodiert die Welt

De Lancaster - Ich hab mir geschwor`n

After so much love and emotion, here is a different flavor of Pop music. It’s more of a party song, kind of too plain for my taste. But, fortunately, tastes vary!

In spot #50 of the current German Pop charts is a song that is different, a mix of Pop, Techno and Dance. Check it out:

If you like one of these songs in particular, please let us know. We can write more about the artist etc. in one of our next blog posts.

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