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What You Should Know about the German Music Scene

When you think of German music, what comes to your mind first? You may think of Alpine folk music or classical music from Bach, Beethoven, Händel etc. You may also think that German music can only be serious and stiff.

Let’s see whether in fact your impression reflects the German music scene in reality:

Did you actually know that Germany is the 4th largest music market worldwide behind the USA, Japan and the UK? No wonder, huge international stars like Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, The Beatles and Justin Bieber had to tour Germany.

Did you also know?

  • The small country Germany has over 130 professional orchestras. This makes an average of 8 per state!
  • The larger cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Stuttgart and Mannheim have a very prominent club scene. DJs as such Sven Väth, the „Godfather of Techno“, and Paul van Dyk are well-known for their sampling, scratching, remixing and also producing their very own new club music worldwide.
  • The popular music artists and groups from former East-Germany (GDR) are still very active and popular beyond the former borders.
  • The CD is still the most popular music medium overall, being responsible for over 90% of revenue in the physical recording mediums. It also accounts for almost 70% of all music sales in Germany. Even the good, old vinyl is still popular and their sales are on the rise. Meaning that Germans prefer the physical recording medium vs. virtual!
  • The most popular music genre is German and international Pop music. Classical music is on the rise.
  • Germans listen to music primarily through radio and web casters.

Now you also have to understand that music from Germany doesn’t mean the same as German music or music in German. All three terms stand for something different!
Rap Music from Germany
Music from Germany includes many genres. Most people think first and foremost of classical and Alpine folk music.  As previously mentioned, Germany has a very large pop and rock music scene. …And music from Germany doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s done in German! In fact many German artists have opted for English in their songs. You may have heard of artist such as the Scorpions, Falco (from Austria), Reamonn, Tokio Hotel and Nena with her famous “99 Red Balloons”. They all sing in English or a mix of English and German.

Besides Pop & Rock, there is a tremendous wide variety of genres and styles. There is also great German Blues, Dance, Electronic, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Soul, Techno and beautiful German ballads.

Music in German is having its comeback. People call this trend even the 2nd German Wave (Zweite Deutsche Welle). The important characteristic, this time around, is that the lyrics found in many German songs are really well-written and worthwhile to listen to.

Here are a few examples of Made-in-Germany music from different genres. If you’d like to stay informed on German music trends, please follows us or subscribe to our newsletter.

German Pop Music

Michelle mit Paris

Jürgen Drews mit Ich bau dir ein Schloss

Helene Fischer mit Atemlos durch die Nacht

German Rap/Hip Hop

SIDO - Bilder im Kopf

Nate57 - Blaulicht

Shindy, Bushido & Haftbefehl - Stress mit Grund


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